Fake Vs Real Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kits

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For this week’s blog post I decided to do something a little different. I wanted to try out a fake Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit and see whether it is worth to spend a little extra money for better quality. I am one of those persons who actually prefers to pay a little extra for the original, real product so I was a bit sceptical whether or not I should actually do this.

I bought a different shade than the real ones I own, in fact I compared the fake Lip Kit in the shade Ginger with the real Lip Kit in the shade Posie K. I compared these two in terms of the formula and packaging rather than the colour because the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits are quite consistent in their formula from one shade to the other.

Let's start off with the packaging. The box in which the Lip Kits come in are very similar; barely even noticeable as they have the same exact font and writing on it. The slight difference is that the fake has more of a sheen to it while the real is a matte white.

When it comes to the liquid lip, the Posie K is slightly heavier. The cap of Ginger does not close completely which is a drawback in my opinion as it might dry out quicker. Another difference that I noticed was that at the bottom, the font on the sticker of Ginger, is slightly smaller than Posie K. The wands of the liquid lipsticks are also different; Ginger’s wand is stiffer and picks up less product than that of Posie K. As for the scent, the fake liquid lip barely has any scent which might be a good thing for those who hate scented products!

As for the lip liners packaging is identical; mind you the colour of the packaging of Posie K is different as I tend to use that quite a lot and it is a bit dirty.

Of course when you are opting for a cheaper product the packaging is not going to be as sturdy. The product itself is the actual thing that you would test out. The actual shade of Ginger is slightly darker than the fake Lip Kit but it didn’t bother me. The Kylie Lip Kits are actually some of my favourite. The Posie K lip Kit lasts me up to 8 hours of wear, through the drinking and eating. The only way in which it fades or completely goes off is by eating anything oily. What I love about the Kylie liquid lipsticks is that they do not transfer and feel velvety when they dry down matte. The lip liners are very creamy and you do not have to thug on your lips to get a good amount of colour payoff.

On the other hand, the fake Lip Kit does not have the same quality as that of Posie K. The Lip Liner is slightly less creamy, but if you were to try it on its own without comparing it to a real one, you would barely even notice a difference. 
The liquid lipstick applied evenly on my lips which is a plus! It is not completely transfer proof, however even though there is a transfer the colour on the lips does not budge or patch off which was quite impressive. It does feel slightly sticky when you touch your lips which is a matter of preference whether it bothers you or not. Regardless of these differences this lip kit did last me up to 7 hours without crumbling off!

There are very little differences in terms of packaging, however if you are one like me who does not like to buy fake makeup products, these are the little things that you need to keep an eye out for so as not to be tricked into buying them! As a makeup lover and collector, packaging is a little something extra that you get with the product itself which matters. So I would rather buy the real product for a little more money. However I must say, to those who are not fussy about whether it is fake or real, the Ginger Lip Kit was not as bad as I had in mind!

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  1. Can you link the fake lipkit? :)

    1. I bought it from a new store in Victoria, Gozo. Unfortunately they do not have a website :/

    2. I see! Thanks anyway :)

    3. It's in front of the Duke shopping mall if you are passing by :)

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