“Don’t dream your life live your dream”

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“Mum, sis what should I name my blog?” This has been the most asked question for the past month, making sure that I do not regret my blog title.

You are probably thinking, “A new blog on the list out of the millions that post everyday, what’s new?”. I have been thinking of starting a blog for a long time now, always trying to put a picture in my mind of how I want it to look like, what tips and tricks I would love to share and certain thoughts from my point of view.

Well I guess the main motive for this blog was the art of makeup. Throughout the past year I have looked at makeup as a collection, trying out new things and seeing which works well or which makes me look like a greasy mess, what makes me feel like a golden goddess and what I can live without.

My inspiration towards makeup is the one and only, the queen, Jaclyn Hill. I have learnt so much form her! The reason why I enjoy playing around with makeup, is because I feel that you experiment with different looks, colors and effects, even though most of the time I would just take the easy path and go for the neutral look. But every now and then on weekends and occasions I feel like I want to step it up a notch. You know how some girls feel like they do not look pretty without their heels on a Saturday night? That is how I feel if I don’t do that glam makeup. But also for the fact that I am above the average height so I don’t wear heels, as people would stare at me as if I am a giraffe that escaped from the zoo.

My fellow readers, who are probably still in doubt of what I will write about, my main posts will be regarding my love towards makeup. However I do intend to write a little about fashion, maybe a few recipes here and there. A little disclaimer - I am no expert in any area what so ever but I intend to give my honest opinion.

After reading my ramble of what I intend to write on this space, you are probably wondering who am I, what I do and what not.  My name is Claire Attard and I am 17 year old going onto 18 on 29th December. I am from Gozo. Most of you probably have no clue where the Maltese islands are, I don’t blame you we are a tiny little dot on most maps in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Regardless of that I would not change my hometown for anything, it’s peaceful, full of picturesque sceneries, endless seas, relaxing, like a small haven you can say. Hobby wise I do enjoy keeping myself fit with Pilates and of course spending ¾ of my day watching youtubers speaking about new beauty products and hot or not’s. However school does keep me busy, as I am still in University drowning in infinite papers.

Dwejra - Azure Window - Gozo
For the first post I do feel quite elated and relieved in a way that I finally started what I desired for the past year or so.
“Don’t dream your life live your dream” is a saying that I can live by.

If you have read until this last sentence you have patience my friend, you have passed the patience test! I do hope that you enjoyed reading this post and if you did, follow and stay tuned for the next one! Xx

For any questions leave them below and I would gladly respond.

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