How to get the perfect winged eyeliner

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!

Are you still dreaming to achieve that Adele look in her music video for Hello?
For this week’s post I decided to show you how to effortlessly get the perfectly winged eyeliner.  Honestly eyeliner needs patience and practice.  If you are still a beginner I would recommend using a tape and stick it from the lower lash line to the end of the brow. Any mistakes done will be erased as you remove the tape. By time you will eventually start feeling confident to make the eyeliner without using tape.

I decided to show you my techniques for a thin line and a bold, thick one. I personally tend to go more for the thin line especially if I put an effort in the eye shadow.
As one can see in the photos below, for the thick line I start off by making the outline of the wing and then fill it in. For this I like to use a gel liner and an angled brush. Make sure that the brush is dense and not as soft as it would be slightly harder to make the perfect line. I love the Maybelline gel liner, it’s matte and completely black not greyish. 

On the other hand for the thin eyeliner I will start off very close to the lash line and working my way out towards the wing. I make small strokes and join them together. With the brush you can make a thin line but not as thin as with a felt tip liner. I recently purchased this liner from The Makeup Factory and I am loving it! It is so easy to use and precise.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that this was helpful! 
I will see you in my next post <3


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