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Welcome back to my blog makeup gurus!

Nothing frames a face more beautifully than perfectly shaped brows! So I decided to dedicate a whole blog post on this. Keep in mind that brows are sisters not twins, so don’t struggle too hard to get them perfectly even. As a beginner it would have taken me decades to even them out, literally! But practice makes perfect and you’ll get used to the way you shape your brows in no time, so don’t ever give up!

You can either shape your brows using a pencil, powder or pomade. I personally prefer a pencil. The best brow products on the market have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products. For a cheaper version from the drugstore the NYX micro Brow pencil is the bomb!

These are some of the greatest tips of how to shape you brows:

♥ Match the color of the product to the shade of your hair or slightly lighter. Never buy the product darker than your natural hair color, unless you want to recreate Cara Delevigne’s bold brows.

♥ Keep in mind to use a light hand with the product especially in the inner corner! I personally like to use a lighter shade in the inner corner, but it is not necessary.

Struggling to find out where to create your arch is normal especially if you have naturally sparse brows. As shown in the picture below grab a pencil and put it in the direction from the tip of your nose to the outline of your pupil and it will naturally show you were to create the arch. 

Where to end the brow requires the same technique to create your arch. Grab your pencil, start it from the tip of the nose towards the outer corner of your eye.

♥ Start off by creating the outline of the brow. 

♥ Once you create the outline, you should take a deep breath and give a round of applause for yourself as that is the hardest part to get used to! Next up start creating strokes to fill in your brows. The reason to fill in the brows using strokes is to mimic your natural hairs and make it look a little more “natural”.

♥ The last step is to set your brows with a brow gel. I have been using the Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel and I love it, and it is also very affordable!

I hope this post was helpful and may your brows be on fleek!
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Love Attaire XxX


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