Kylie Lip Kits Review

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I was in doubt whether to write a review on the Kylie Lip Kits since there are endless posts regarding these products. However my friends insisted and of course I told them I would do it.

I must admit the color selection is absolutely stunning, and if you want to really go out of your comfort zone she is soon coming out with a new matte lipstick called black metal.
I only purchased Posie K and Mary Jo K, since I felt that I had similar shades to the others. Some stated that there were some shades which were a little patchy namely Kourt K, but i did not have any problems with these two. 

Are they worth the hype?

Apart from all the drawbacks to purchase the products and the bad customer service, the lipsticks are actually good. 
Their formula is amazing, they apply evenly on the lips and they are highly pigmented. They stay on your lips for as long as you want, go to lunch or dinner and you won’t have to worry that you will eat half of your lipstick or mark your territory on the wine glass. I did not have any problems with them crumbling. Last but not least the most important thing about liquid lipsticks is that they do not make your lips feel dry. The lip liners are very creamy and help prevent the actual liquid lipstick to suck the life out of your lips.

Should you buy the Lip Kits?

In all honesty they are a bit overpriced, however you are paying for the brand name and regardless of that it is a good product.
However there are good dupes out there that you can purchase instead of these, which have good formulas and a large variety of shades to choose from. Color pop liquid lipsticks have the same formula, which retail for only 6 dollars. Jeffree Star Cosmetics - Velour Liquid Lipsticks and Jouer Cosmetics - Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick are two other amazing brands to purchase from. 

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