How to clean your makeup brushes

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For this week I decided to dedicate a blog post all about makeup brushes. These are the most important tools in the makeup world, and you need to clean them ever so often; even though this is the most despised chore for every makeup artist.

If you are using brushes on other clients it is important to clean them after every use for hygienic reasons. However an average woman would wash them once every two weeks and some a little less, depending on the use they get.

Why should you clean your makeup brushes?
After many uses brushes are left with that entire product within the bristles, oils from your face and dead skin cells which in turn can develop bacteria. Such residue on the brush can cause breakouts on your skin.

How to clean your makeup brushes
This has been my go to method of washing my brushes however there are other ways which I will mention further below.  I create a mixture of dish detergent with coconut oil. The dish detergent will kill any bacteria that lies in the bristles and the coconut oil will not only breakdown the makeup residue but also soften the bristles. I used to use olive oil, it was good however I felt like it left my brushes feeling a little bit too greasy unlike the coconut oil.
I will dip my brushes into the mixture and swirl them around on a sponge. You can swirl them around on your hand but if you have over 20 brushes I would not recommend that; you will not feel the palm of your hand for the rest of the day! Trust me I tried it.  Then I will rinse the brushes with water making sure that the water doesn’t go above the ferrule as that would reduce the strength of the glue.
If the bristles are more sophisticated first wet your brushes with water, onto a bar of antibacterial soap. Then give it another wash using the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Weirdly enough it works quite well!
The beauty blender solid blendercleanser is another great option to clean your brushes with and of course the beauty blender.
The most important tip of all time; do not dry your brushes facing up. This is because the water will drip downwards causing the glue, which holds the bristles in place, to weaken. Basically you will reduce the lifetime of your brushes.

If you are wondering what makeup brushes I use, I started off with BH Cosmetics 36pc Ultimate Brush Set which I highly recommend! I have been using them for years now, and only one out of the 36 was faulty. Later on I bought the 10pc Pop Art Brush Set, which is also from BH Cosmetics, which I love the eye brushes however the face brushes do shed quite a bit, so I would opt for another set. I also have the Morphe M439 which is my holy grail brush for foundation! I have a few others including Mac, Real Techniques and other single brushes from the drugstore.

I hope you found this post informative. As always thank you for reading the post!

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