How to apply false lashes featuring Esqido Lashes

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!

I recently decided to give another shot to false lashes. I had tried them a while back and the lash glue that came along with the lashes was not good, and I never tried them again.

I purchased the Esqido Lash glue because of all the good reviews I read about it. I absolutely love this lash glue, it kept my lashes on all night. It is so easy to apply; you simply brush the wand along the lash band of the false lashes. Since the tip of the wand is fine you will not apply excessive glue to your lashes.

In all honesty applying lashes is not as hard as I used to think it was. First thing to do is to fit the lashes to your natural lash line and trim any excess of the lash. The next step is to apply the glue to the band of the lashes. It is of uttermost importance to let the glue set. I leave it on for thirty seconds, until it gets tacky. Then apply the lashes to you natural lash line and hold it for a few seconds. I found that using a pair of tweezers really helps me to push the lashes closer to my natural lash line. You are all set for the night with full glam! 

I hope that his post was helpful and informative enough for you to try on lashes!
As always thank you for reading.

Love Attaire XxX


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