How to make your makeup last longer

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Summer brings along bright and longer days however for some, summer is disliked with overwhelming humidity.  Despite being a motionless rag doll laying in the sun on a deck chair, sweat rolls down the forehead washing mascara into the eyes and foundation down the neck.

However this problem can be solved for every makeup guru out there!
First things first, prime your skin. In summer I switch my primer to oil free, since my skin becomes quite oily during the summer. I love the Smashbox photo finish primer. In all honesty I don’t feel as if it makes my makeup last longer, but it gives a very smooth finish, almost velvet like, for my foundation to go on top.

Once you apply your foundation and concealer, go ahead and set your makeup with a powder. My all time favourite setting powder is the RCMA no color powder. If you haven’t heard the term bake in the makeup world, then you need to get out of the hole that you are living in! It has been a life savior technique that I have been using every day. I use a damp beauty blender and apply the powder in my T-zone area, where I tend to get oily, and underneath my eyes. I used to apply the powder with a flat brush, but with the damp beauty blender it makes it look less cakey and a little bit more natural.

To finish it all off I use the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray. I highly recommend this product; it is a fine weightless mist that keeps the makeup from melting, fading or settling into fine lines.

I hope that you enjoyed this short but rather informative post and may your makeup last all day in what feels like 40°C.

As always thank you for reading!
Love Attaire XxX


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