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Hello everyone welcome back to my blog!

Recently I went to the drugstore and bought a couple of things. I went for a concealer, which was out of stock, and ended up buying other products that I wanted but didn’t actually need. This clearly shows how obsessed I am with makeup.

I am sure you heard about the new Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper in the shade Skinny Dip; everyone has been obsessed with the shimmery finish it gives. I went over to the L’Oreal section and I have read a lot of good reviews regarding their glosses. One of them caught my eye as it looked similar to the Jouer Lip Topper. It is slightly darker in color, but it gives the same shimmery finish. It is in the shade 210 Disco Ball. I have worn this a couple of times, from which I can conclude that it’s a hit as it is long wearing and comfortable on the lips.

Another product that I purchased was the Max Factor Kohl Pencil in the shade 90 Natural Glaze. This is simply a cream eyeliner, it is not a straight up white, it is more of a beige. It has good pigmentation and very long wearing. I love using this during the daytime to open up my eyes and makes you look more awake.

I have the Maybelline’s Gel Liner in Black and it’s pretty good. They had two other shades beside it, one was like a teal blue and the other one was brown. Even though I am one of those persons who tends to skip the eyeliner as it takes to much time and effort, I purchased the brown. It has a warm undertone to it, but to compare, not as much as Mr. Bing from Kathleen Lights’ Colour Pop collection.

Last but not least I ordered something which is not from the drugstore. Everyone has been raving about this palette and I must say that I jumped on the band wagon and I am obsessed. It’s the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The shadows are so buttery and pigmented, they blend effortlessly. The only drawback is that is has a lot of kick off but it doesn’t bother me as the shadows themselves are so good, they overcome that one drawback. This says a lot but I think that this is my favourite palette out of all the ones I own. If you don’t know yet, I am the person who loves, and loves is an understatement, those warm transition shades. So this palette has my name written all over it! I will be doing a makeup look with this very soon and I will post it on my blog, so stay tuned for that.

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I hope you enjoyed this mini haul/review. As always thank you for reading!

Love Attaire XxX


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