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Hello everyone welcome back to my blog : )

I placed an order from Gerard cosmetics not too long ago and they arrived two days ago; the shipping and customer service is very good and reliable.

I have heard very good reviews about their lipsticks and their new Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks so I decided to try them out myself. One thing I want to point out is to check out the colours through swatches, as the ones on the website appear slightly darker than they actually are.

I purchased two lipsticks which are Buttercup and 1995. When I initially swatched them I knew I was going to love them. They felt so buttery and creamy, they glide on the lips beautifully. Their formula is similar to the Mac matte lipsticks which is one of my all time favourite. Buttercup is a nude brown with pink undertones which is the perfect everyday color. 1995 is going to be my go to fall colour. I still categorize this shade as neutral with a bit of a grunge twist to it.

I ordered one of the Color Your Smile Lipgloss in the shade Buttercream. Be careful when opening this lipgloss as it can blind you! Jokes apart the light that comes with the applicator is quite bright, which can be a lifesaver if you want to reapply your gloss during the evening or if you get lost in the crowd, you can use your lipgloss as a signal for your friends to find you. It also has a small mirror on the side. Apart from the packaging the product itself is very good; it is not sticky as some other glosses and not streaky as soon as it sets on the lips.  One thing to keep in mind is that these glosses are not sheer; they actually have a lot of pigment which I love.  There are no other words to describe Buttercream apart that it is a true baby pink.

Last but not least I had to purchase one of the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Everything Nice. It is a brown shade with red undertones. This is not completely transfer proof but the color doesn’t fade away easily. It leaves a stain on the lips which doesn’t really bother me, it is a matter of preferences.

That is all I purchased; in general I like all the four products. I hope you liked this blog post and if you did hit the follow button to check out newer posts.

Love Attaire XxX


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