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As I previously wrote in my latest blog post, I purchased some products including the Sleek Colour Corrector Palette. A lot of people come up to me and ask me what each colour stands for and how you are supposed to use them. So I decided that it was best to dedicate a blog post to for it.

First things first I have to give this palette a thumbs up, I actually like it. The packaging is sturdy, easy to carry around and it has a large mirror which I find useful.

The texture of the six colour correctors is very creamy and easy to blend. The aim of each and every shade is to balance and neutralize any imperfections to give you a flawless looking base without having to cake up your foundation. The colors the palette includes are green, lilac, blue, rose, yellow and orange. I mostly use the green, yellow and orange shades but I used all of them to put them to the test.

An important tip when it comes to colour correcting, is to make sure that as you apply your foundation on top, dab it on rather than swipe and drag. This is because if you colour corrected some areas on your face, and you drag the foundation, you will be moving around the colour correcting that you just applied to conceal any imperfections, and you will lose the prime purpose of colour correcting.

The colour green neutralises redness to conceal any scars and blemishes. Do not expect it to cancel out the redness completely. However it does reduce the redness very well in comparison to just using foundation.

The lilac neautralises yellow to brighten dull complexions. Honestly I do not use this as often because, till now, I do not have any sallow areas.

The blue neutralises orange. Some people use this to cover their freckles but I highly discourage that, freckles are so beautiful why cover them up? I used the blue shade around my nose and I liked how it brightened up the area.

The rose shade is there to add radiance and even out dark spots. I apply this on top of my cheekbone  and in the centre of my forehead to give me a more highlighted effect.

The yellow and the orange have the same purpose, with the orange being targeted more towards darker skin tones. They both cancel out the purple and blue tones underneath the eyes. These two are my favourite shades in this palette, they neutralise the dark under-eye circles flawlessly.

I hope that after reading this you understand what each color can be used for. All in all the price point for this palette is very good for the amount of product that you get and also for the good quality!

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Love Attaire xXx


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