Miracle Complexion Sponge Vs Miracle Diamond Sponge

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The craze of makeup sponges has been going on for quite a while now, and many brands have been making their own version and some were hits and some were misses! For this blog post I decided to compare 2 makeup sponges of the same brand, which is Real Techniques.

The two sponges that I am going to compare are the Miracle Complexion sponge and the Miracle Diamond sponge. To start off the price point is different for the prime reason that the Miracle Diamond sponge makes part of the Bold Metals Collection. If you don’t know, Real Techniques have the Original Collection and the Bold Metals Collection. The Bold Metals collection is more up there in price, but they also feel and look more luxurious.

For the interesting part which most of you want to know, is it worth twice the price? I have tried both of them and I have to say that I feel that they give a similar end result. However their different shape makes one sponge easier to use than the other. For this post I decided to use the miracle complexion sponge on the left side of my face and the Miracle Diamond sponge on the right side of my face.

To my surprise the Miracle complexion sponge works better than the Miracle diamond sponge. The rounded shape of the original sponge gives a more flawless finish as it fills in the pores of your skin making the foundation look like your actual skin. The diamond sponge has flat sides making the foundation look as if it is sitting on your skin rather than blended in. You have to put in slightly more effort to get a flawless, airbrushed finish.
Another difference between them is that the Diamond sponge holds more water than the original sponge. The drawback to this is that it soaks up more product than the original. If you want a more sheer, dewy finish to your foundation you would actually like it, but do not expect to get a full coverage with this sponge.
The pointed tip of the diamond sponge is slightly too thin for the under eyes so I would have to switch up to using the smaller flat sides. On the other hand the original sponge has the perfect egg shape to fit underneath the eyes.

You can probably tell by now that I prefer the original Miracle Complexion sponge. I was honestly a bit disappointed, as I had high hopes for the Miracle diamond sponge. I thought it would be a great new innovation, however it didn’t make it to my top shelve.

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