DIY Face Masks

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Skincare is the first step to a flawless makeup look and at least once every week we should save some time to revitalize our skin. There are so many good facemasks in the market and for some they might be heavenly sent but for others it would make their skin feel and look worse. For this week I decided to share with you some DIY face masks that you can easily do at home, which will not harm your skin by no means whatsoever as everything is natural.
A little disclaimer here, there might be some products which can seem rather intimidating and grows to use on your skin, but trust me they give great results!

To start off I boil some water, put it in a bowl and place my head on top. As the steam hits your face, it will open your pores making the facemask delve deeper into the skin. To make yourself feel as if you are at a spa you can put chamomile or green tea in the boiled water for that relaxing aroma. This will also help if you have sensitive skin.

The first facemask I have been truly loving as the colder weather came along, is the avocado mask. Go to the grocer, find a very ripe avocado and smash it to bring it to a pasty consistency. Make sure that it is ripe, because if it isn’t, you will not be able to mash it and all you have is blobs of avocado. Leave it on for around 15 minutes, wash it off and your skin will feel smooth, plumped and brightened. One thing, which I want to point out there, is that I hate the taste of avocado but as the smell doesn’t linger, it doesn’t bother me as much. So if you disgust its taste, do not immediately take this off your list.

The second option for those who have oilier skin is simply an egg. I like to do this face mask when I spent the whole day running around and about and my skin feels all congested. Whisk up the egg until you get a few bubbles. I apply this all over my skin and apply a paper towel on top. Yes, you will look like a mummy, but it is worth looking like one for a few minutes. As time passes by you will feel your skin tighten up like crazy. When you come to the point where you can’t smile, you can peel off the paper towel to reveal a cleaner, smoother and brighter skin.

If you have acne prone and dry skin, honey is one of the best solutions. It calms the skin as it works as an antibacterial agent. This one simple product has worked wonders on my skin, I hope that it will give the same results for you!
If you have the aloe vera plant at home, cut a leave, split it in half and apply it to your skin to reduce the redness and blemishes.

I am no dermatologist but all of these natural products have helped by skin, and you do not have to worry about overusing them. Go run yourself a bath, light up some candles, put on a face mask and relax!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post!

Love Attaire XxX


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