BH Cosmetics Brow Products Review

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I had placed an order from BH Cosmetics late last year because I wanted to try their brow products so bad, as I had heard great things about these, plus I wanted to test which is best out of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow products and these! I truly love this brand, for such a low price their products are amazing.
I purchased both the Studio Pro Waterproof tinted Brow Pomade and the Studio Pro HD brow pencil. On a day to day basis, I actually prefer the HD brow pencil as it simply takes less effort and looks a bit more natural. While the Studio brow pomade will be my go to on days when I want full on glam.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the shade of the brow pomade, as I thought it was going to look too cool toned and muddy on my skin tone. However as I tried it out, it was the perfect shade. The formula of this pomade is perfect, not too waxy yet not too creamy. It glides on smoothly and you are able to create perfect strokes to mimic the natural brow hairs. It also keeps the brows in place, without even applying a brow gel on top.
I wore this for 9 whole hours and it was still as if I had just applied it. Keep in mind that I also took a two-hour afternoon nap, and it did not budge or move. Also, yes I needed some sleep, after my exam as I had only slept three and a half hours that night!

On my other eye I used the brow pencil. I honestly do not know if you can tell through the photos, but the brow pencil is slightly warmer toned than the brow pomade. However, it still matches my hair and skin tone perfectly. The packaging is exactly the same like that of most brands, the pencil on one side and the brush on the other side, which I find quite handy.

This glides on beautifully, and if I am honest I think I prefer it over the Anastasia Beverly Hills one. Call me crazy but from my initial thoughts, I think I do! With the Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Wiz, I feel that I have to slightly thug my skin to get the amount of pigment that I desire. The BH Cosmetics brow pencil is creamier. Yet it is not too creamy that it will move or fade away with the natural oils of my skin. After the nap this did fade away slightly, but barely even noticeable. This, on the other hand, you would need to set this with a brow gel as it will not set the brows in place, like the brow pomade.

All in all, I do have to give these products a big thumbs up! I absolutely love them, keeping in mind how cheap they are in price. 

I hope that you enjoyed this post, as always thank you for reading!
Love Attaire XxX


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