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I have finally received the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette and had the chance to play around and test these beautiful shades. In all honesty, I feel like I will be using these shades much more during the spring and summer as they are so vibrant but it still lies in my top shelve at the moment. This is my first time trying out the Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadows, so I was a bit skeptical about it.

First of all, I have to talk about the packaging! For someone who looks at makeup as a collector’s item packaging is an essential part for what you pay for. This palette is sturdy and very heavy. Generally high-end brands have heavy packaging and this feels like it is high end. The palette itself is convenient to travel with it and has a really good, large mirror.

The product itself, however, is the main reason for writing this blog post. In this palette you get 6 shimmery shades and 6 matte shades. They all blend out beautifully to give the perfect blown out, peachy look. Each and every shade has great pigmentation and they are smooth and buttery to the touch.
In this palette the shimmery shades apply as beautifully as the matte shades, as I had read some reviews from her previous palettes that the shimmers weren’t as good. The shimmery shades are not those types that are chunky or glittery, they give more of a slight sheen to the lid. If you spray your brush with a MAC fix plus, it will be slightly more shimmery. However, I do prefer how the shimmer shades apply with my finger as you can get more pigment on the lid.
One thing that surprised me is that these shades barely have any fallout! As long as you lightly tap off the excess shadow off the brush, you will not have any fallout, unlike the Modern Renaissance Palette.
The palette also comes along with a blending brush; it is not bad however it is slightly scratchy on the eyes and knowing me I take my time on blending and it was not as comfortable to use after some time.

One of the things which I truly hate about this palette is its scent. I have heard other bloggers talking about its strong chemically scent and I was disbelieving about how bad this could possibly smell. However, when I opened this palette it is as if I had opened one of the paint pots from when I was a child. I was a bit worried that it would irritate my eyes, but it did not do so. So I will have to bear the scent for a while, as the quality of these shadows are actually stunning!

All in all, I do actually like this palette and it was worth the wait!
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