Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette. Worth the splurge?

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For this week I decided to share with you a palette that I have been putting to the test for quite a while now. I have come out with a clear conclusion of whether this is worth the splurge or not. It is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette, as you already guessed from the title of the post.

First of all, the shades in this palette are ultimate perfection! You have the beautiful neutral shades for a day to day look, to the stunning reds and also bright pinks and purples. However the palette is not limited to the shades you see. The reason why I wanted to buy this palette is because you can mix the shades as you desire.

Along with the palette, you get a small palette to mix the shades on and a lip brush on one end and a small spatula on the other to pick up the lipstick. As a makeup artist this palette is perfect to take around with you instead of taking dozens of lip shades, that the client will have to choose from. I will be taking this palette along with me when I travel instead of taking many lipsticks, which I always end up over packing!

I have given you some lip combos you can create, starting off with my current favourite by mixing 6 and Primary 1. For the red lip I mixed Primary 3 with 7 and for the funky blue lip I mixed Primary 5 with 9. For all the neutral, red and pink hues, the pigmentation is amazing. However it did take me some time to build up the blue and purple shades, and when using such colors you would need to cover the whole lip without looking patchy or streaky or having your natural lip color seeping through.

The formula, which you are most interest in, is a satin to a matte finish. If you have dry lips I do recommend that you apply a lip balm beneath it. It is not super dry to the point where you have to remove it, but since it is matte you can expect it to have that slight dry feeling. Even though it is slightly drying, it does not emphasize the dry patches.

Keep in mind that this product is not transfer proof, so do not expect to go and drink a glass of wine without having traces of your lip on the glass. However the colour of the lipstick stays perfectly put, without having to retouch it. The colour stays on  your lips for so many hours which I personally think is a must because on a Saturday night out you are not going to carry the palette with you!  Another characteristic of this palette is that they stain your lips, which personally doesn’t bother me at all, indeed I feel like that is one of things which help keep the colour on your lips.

All in all I highly recommend this palette! It has enough shades for you to mix and match with the rest of your makeup look and outfit. I feel like this palette is a staple in any makeup artists’ kit to be able to customize the lip color for the clients.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Do you have this palette or is it in your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below. As always thank you for reading and if you would like to see more content click the follow button on any of my social media accounts.

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