Stellar Cosmetics Review

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This week I decided to dedicate a whole blog post on a local brand, which you might have heard of. Stellar Cosmetics produces pressed glitter eyeshadows and highlighters and I purchased a few products to test them out and also to support a local brand!  All their products are handmade and FDA approved.

I ordered two pressed glitters in the shades Silver and Dusky Pink and one highlighter in the shade Cotton Candy so that I could try a little bit of everything.

Cotton Candy is a stunning icy pink highlighter, perfect for those who have a very light skin tone. It is a 26mm pan highlighter, the same size as the eyeshadow, however the 36.5mm pans will be back in stock very soon. It only costs €3.99 which is super affordable!
At first when I swatched this product on my hand, I was a bit worried that this would emphasize the texture on my skin and would be look like a stripe of highlight. It’s texture is quite rough, but for some reason it applies beautifully on the skin. You can apply this as a light highlight and build it up to an intense highlight. I also love using this as an eyeshadow, as a pop of highlight in the inner corner.

The pressed glitters are simply stunning! In terms of price, I honestly do not know where you can find similar ones as cheap, as they only retail for €2.99. With these glitters you obviously would need a glitter glue to go beneath them as they are dry glitters. For those who do not own a glitter glue I love using the Lit glitter glue as it keeps the glitter in place all night long without flaking off.

If you are interested in trying out any of their products you can use the code CLAIRE5 for 5% off everything!

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