Melita Health and Beauty Night Out

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!

This week I decided I would share with you what I have been up to last week. Almost as if I am vlogging for you guys but instead of watching a video you would read along!

The first event that I had the past week was that of the Melita Health and Beauty. I was so excited to go to this event as I went last year and I had such a lovely evening. The best part was that I finally met some bloggers that I had never spoken to before except for a few messages on the internet. They were all so sweet and supportive of one another!

Melita Health and Beauty already had such a vast range of makeup products, but when I heard that they had brought Wet n Wild to the store I was honestly surprised! This brand offers high-quality products in comparison to the price. I did buy a few things to try out, let me know if you would like a separate post reviewing them.

I took a few photos of the products that Melita Health and Beauty have kindly given to us. The range of products that they offer is endless, including high-end skincare and makeup brands, affordable makeup brands and fragrances.

Thank you so much to Melita Health and Beauty for the generous gifts and for an amazing night out! Stay tuned for another post this week as I share with you another night out with another brand! 
As always thank you so much for reading, 
Lots of love,

Attaire XxX


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