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A few weeks ago I had to opportunity to attend the Payot VIP Session by Franks. The trainer Claire Falzon gave us a slight history about the brand and what Payot products best suit our skin. If you ever have the chance to attend these sessions go as they are so informative!

Payot is a cosmetic brand which was established in France by Nadia Payot. Nadia demonstrated her commitment to using her medical, scientific and herbal expertise in the skincare products she developed. What made me love this brand even more, is the fact that the laboratory brings together researchers and scientists so everything will be developed cohesively!

They gave us a few samples to try out, but I ended up buying a few additional products to try out. I have to start off with the Hydra 24+ Gel-Crème Sorbet. This moisturizer is amazing! It melts into the skin so quickly giving the perfect base for any additional products to go on top. You all know as winter approaches, my skin gets drier and I do have quite a few dry patches and this just moisturizes my skin perfectly. The scent of the Payot Products is just heavenly, very fresh and fruity!

Another product I bought was the Payot Speciale 5 drying purifying care. This is simply a spot treatment that I apply before the moisturizer during night time. It diminishes the blemish quite a bit.

The Payot Techni Liss Active is an anti-aging day cream. It has a thicker consistency than the moisturizer I purchased, which would be suitable for drier skin tones. The Gommage Amande is a gentle body scrub, perfect to remove any dry skin.

Those little samples were ideal to try out additional products before trying out the full-sized products. My Payot Jour Gelée is very similar to the Hydra 24+ Gel-Crème Sorbet, but lighter in texture. So if you have slightly oilier skin this would work amazing on you!
The UNI Skin Yeux Et Lèvres really smoothens the skin, which I love using underneath my foundation, creating a flawless base.
For those who are still looking for a deep-cleansing black mask, get this! It has reduced my blemishes significantly within a few minutes. However it is not so suitable for my dry skin so I simply use it for spot treatments.
Lastly I was given the Uni CC Cream, which gives a slight tint while moisturizing the skin and protecting the skin having an SPF 30.

Overall I am very impressed with this brand, I will definitely go back and check out other products and other lines that Payot offers. Go to Franks and try out some of the products, you will not go out empty handed!

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