Artdeco Products Review

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This week I am so excited to share with you the collaboration with Brown’s Pharmacy. They have kindly given me these Artdeco products to try out and review them for you!

The first two products are the Color Correcting sticks. Honestly I have tried other colour correcting sticks, I was into the technique for a month and then stopped using them. However, these have been in my makeup routine almost daily since the day I got them! The shade Apricot is the perfect shade to diminish the dark circles underneath my eyes and lavender brightens any areas of your face creating a fresh complexion. What I truly love about these sticks, in contrast to those of other brands, is that they are creamy enough to blend them out, yet they still have the effect of brightening and correcting.

Another product is the Liquid Camouflage foundation. This foundation is of my favourites when it comes to full coverage. Generally, full coverage foundations tend to be matte, which if you have been reading my blog for a while my skin is combination leaning towards dry and I personally prefer that slight dewy look. However this foundation has the perfect finish, it is not too dewy nor matte. Another plus to this is that it does not crease in my smile lines! Am I the only person that has the problem with foundations creasing in my smile line? If you are like me you know it is very hard to find foundations that do not crease and lasts up to 10 hours on my skin.

The brow products that I received are the Brow Duo Powder and Liner. The two shades I swatched are Taupe and Hot cocoa. As you can see both the tip of the liner and the powder are rather thick so this would be a good product for those who have fuller brows like I do. To define the tip of the brow I clean it up with some concealer. The powder has been my go to recently, I simply fill in the gaps with the powder and set them with a brow gel.

S Shape- Liner
Straight Line - Powder
Last but not least, is the stunning Glow Bronzer. This bronzer only comes in one shade however you can build it up if you have darker skin tone than mine. This bronzer requires some blending, however it gives such a beautiful bronzy glow to the cheeks. It is not shimmery, but gives a beautiful sheen to the skin.

This was the first time I have tried Artdeco products and I am truly impressed by the quality of the products! You can try out any of these products in Brown's Pharmacies.
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