What I got for Christmas 2017

Hello makeup lovers welcome back to my blog!

I hope the first few days of the New Year are treating you well! Have you been keeping up with the new years resolutions or did you choose not to make any resolutions? I love how everyone is so optimistic at this time of the year and I find it offers me so much inspiration to reach my own goals too!

I have made a poll of Instagram as to whether you would like to see the makeup products I have received this Christmas and all of you answered yes. Regardless of how much makeup I own I still love receiving beauty products. I don’t want this post to seem as if I am bragging about the gifts I received, but rather to share the excitement of trying out new makeup.

The Narsissist Cheek Studio palette has been on my wishlist for so long. It includes one of Nars’ best sellers; Laguna Bronzer, a contour and highlight shade and four stunning blushes. The blushes have a slight shimmer in them which I love as it is not that chunky glitter. This palette also has a huge mirror which is perfect to travel with.

Another product is the Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Aqua Nude. I have not used any other foundation since I received this! Honestly, this foundation looks stunning, it is medium coverage with a natural, radiant finish. It lasts all day long on my skin without creasing or budging off. What else would you want in a foundation?

Those who watch Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube, you know that she is obsessed with the Juvia’s Place shadows. I never got around to trying these shadows and I honestly don’t know why. I have the Nubian Palette, with beautiful warm tones; my all time favourite. These shadows are so creamy and easy to blend. However, something which impressed me the most was that there is almost no fall out from these shadows, including the dark shades and the shimmer!

The last makeup product I received is the OFRA Highlighter in Beverly Hills. I simply love swirling the brush into all of the shades and highlighting my cheekbones, tip of the nose, chin and on top of my eyebrows, and I am ready to go out looking like a highlight goddess!

Last but not least I received a few skincare goodies to treat myself after a long, tiring day. This Sephora Set included a Charcoal Nose Strip, Pomegranate eye mask and a Shea Lip Mask. I have tried the Charcoal Nose Strip and I can say that I have finally found a nose strip that actually works!

That is all for this week loves! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and that you are ready to take on the new year regardless of any obstacles that come in your way. I am currently studying for my exams as they start in another two weeks, so forgive me if I skip a week or two of posting on my blog!
As always, thankyou so much for reading and if you would like to stay tuned for any posts on Instagram and Facebook hit the follow button!
Lots of Love,
Attaire XxX


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