Benefit BADgal Bang Mascara Review

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If you have been up to date in the makeup world, you might already know that Benefit created a new mascara, hoping to come up with another best-seller mascara. Benefit Roller Lash has to be my all-time favourite mascara, so I had high hopes for the BADgal Bang.

As Roller Lash aims to lengthen the lashes, BADgal Bang Mascara aims to give volume to the lashes. This mascara claims to give volume to the lashes, without weighing them down, up to 36 hours, which in reality I would never test out for such a long amount of time.

I love the shape of the brush so much as it allows you to reach root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of each and every lash. Another thing I like about this mascara is that if you accidentally get a little mascara on the lid, you can leave it to dry for a few minutes and easily remove it with a cotton bud.

The first time I tried out this mascara I thought it was amazing, however first impressions tend to change. The more I wore this mascara the more I started noticing a few cons which Roller Lash did not have.

Something that threw me off a little was that this is a bit clumpier so I had to separate them using an eyebrow brush. There are some people who actually love clumpy lashes, but I prefer my lashes to be separated and defined. It is also one of those mascaras that leave clumps of product at the tip of your lash. I also noticed that after a few hours it crumbled off just a little, as I had a few black dots on my cheeks from the mascara.

Overall I would recommend Benefit’s Roller Lash way more than the BADgal Bang. I wouldn’t say it is horrible, but the cons outweigh the pros of this mascara.

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