Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick & Ambient Lighting Palette Review

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This week I decided to share with you the long-awaited review on the Hourglass Vanish Stick foundation and the Ambient Lighting Palette. I have tried both of these products with different techniques, moisturizers and primers and I have my verdict.

I am sure that some would disagree and some may be shocked with my opinion, especially on the foundation! For some reason, I think that Stick foundations just do not go well with my skin type, as I experienced the same problems with the Tarte Clay Stick Foundation. I have taken a few photos to show you how the product held up after a few hours of wear.

Upon initial application
This foundation can be built up to full coverage and it sets as a satin to an almost dewy finish. The biggest downside to this foundation is that it emphasizes the dry patches on the nose so much, whereas if I were to use other foundations they would not show up. I did use a scrub in my skincare routine to ensure that I remove all the dead skin, but for some reason it still shows up with this foundation. After a few hours, it also collected in areas around my nose and in my smile lines. I am used having to touch up the foundation in my smile lines, but I never had a problem with foundations collecting around my nose, so this also threw me off slightly. 

After 4 hours from initial application
On the forehead and the cheeks, it wasn’t that bad, so sometimes I simply mix this with other foundations. I apply the Hourglass foundation on my cheeks and forehead and blend it in with another foundation on the rest of my face. On a positive note, the foundation range is amazing and funnily enough, this is the foundation which best matches my skin colour.
However overall I am quite disappointed because this foundation has been a favourite of many makeup artists. This shows how different skin types react to different products.

After 8 hours from initial application
The Ambient Lighting Palette on the other hand, is definitely a hit for me! The powders are finely milled and smooth. If you are the person that does not love an intense highlight, but just a soft glow this is the perfect product. I sometimes set my whole face using these powders and use the darkest shade on top of the bronzer. I also apply this on top of powders so that ma face would not be completely matte.

Those are my overall thoughts; Hourglass powders are phenomenal but I would skip the foundation if you are indecisive as to whether to buy it or not. Have you tried the foundation, and if you did what are your thoughts on it?

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